What’s in a Name?

Konner Paxton’s story as told by Lisa Renze-Rhodes I want to use my name. I want to use my name and tell my story because there are others, there are kids who need to know that someone feels like them, is like them. And they are here for a reason, because I am here for […]

Missing My Sister

Jennifer’s story written by Christine Rhine God, just let me die, I whispered. Everybody will be better off. I poured the pills into my hand and hesitated. I thought of my husband and of our daughters. All their lives they would have to live with my decision. At prom. At graduation. On their wedding days. I know that […]

Taking Flight

Meredith’s Story / 19 years old written by Megan Haynes I have faded scars. Some on my shoulder and some on my wrists. They’re not prominent, but in a certain light you can see them. I used to look at them and think: here is what I’ve done. I can go back to this self-harm, and this […]

Spring Has Arrived: Does Depression Decrease?

Spring in Indiana is in full swing. Flowers are just beginning to bloom and now the temperatures are just beginning to reach 70 and 80 degrees. For most people, this warm weather and bubbly atmosphere outside brings them out of the winter blues.  However, this week I saw this article in an online publication from […]

Lifestyle Habits Can Help Prevent Depression

Signs of depression should always be taken very seriously, and seeking professional medical help is always recommended. This blog post focuses on ways to help prevent or alleviate mild feelings or periods of depression. A recent research study by the Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine claims that exercise can help alleviate and […]